Arctic Race review by @Jon_Alexson

Arctic race is a new racing board game by @tacticgames !

As you may know I am a fun of racing games and my favourite is flamme rouge. This is not a cycling race though. Here you race with your dogs and sleds through the north pole facing blizzards, storms and cracking ice! 

One big difference between other racing games is that in Arctic race nobody knows who is your racer! There are 6 sleds for 4 players and your pick a card with 2 random coloured sleds. When your turn comes you can move any sled so you can mess up with people’s strategies and play mind games with them. This was crazy but in mid race everyone knows what your sleds are. You need to come first so at some point you will have to move them hard! 

But you don’t only move your sleds in this game! You move hazards that block the paths of others and making them to do turns and stay behind. You also can put cracking ice in front of them and make their life difficult once more 😂. I should not forget the fact that the board is variable! In every game you build the ice race track as you like! You can do it narrow or extra wide. The choice is up to you!
Great game for families, easy to learn and fast to play. 
Would totally recommend. Kids would love it.

Ps: I love dogs so those haskies made my day!

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