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Welcome to Brugge, the Venice of the North! Canal building business is booming and everyone wants their share of the profits. Use canal tiles to build a route connecting your starting port to your final destination via two ports of call. Once the route is ready, hop on your ship and sail to the finish line as fast as you can. Be on your guard though, because your devious competitors will try to slow you down! Who will reach the finish line first and conquer the canals? -description from the publisher Yesterday we played Canal King! In this game you have to connect four harbours via canals and manage to travel with your ship from the first harbour to the last. So the game is devided in two parts. As I said, in the first part you have to connect those four harbours with canal hexagons and after that you have to travel to the finish line first. But this isn't so easy as it sounds… Your opponents have different plans. They can mess up your route by replacing your hexes with others that lead to nowhere! You have to stop your boat and start building again so you can finish your race. It's a racing family game that you build your own race track. It's easy to learn and it would be perfectly splendid for families. I personally didn't like it so much because everyone can mess up with your route and you can easily get stuck by trying to find the right tile to fit, so I would play it with 2-3 players only. My wife didn't share the same opinion with me. She really liked the game and would play again. . . . . #boardgames #bgg #canalking #boardgamegeek #tabletop #επιτραπεζια #boardgame #gamenight #brettspiel #boardgameaddict #boardgamenight #boardgamer #tabletopgames #jeuxdeplateau #juegosdemesa #familygamenight #tacticgames

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