Land of Clans by @Jon_alexson

Played this game yesterday and had tons of fun! It is a nice family game of exploring the Highlands and attacking your foes! A little hand management, a little luck and a little faith to yourself may grand the title of chieftain!

Land of Clans from @tacticgames is a confrontational pattern building and hand management game, set in the medieval Scottish highlands. All players try to build castles on land they claim, and the game ends when someone has built four of them. Castles of different sizes score differently, and the winner is the player with the highest total score. Often the winner is the player with four castles, but not always.

The game is played with cards, where each card shows a land symbol matching a space on the board. Further some of the cards show a sword that can be used for attacking castles, some show a shield that can be used for defending the same castles, and some show both a sword and a shield symbol. The players only hold five cards each, so hand management is required.

100% would recommend to families!