Our Team of Gamestormers is a true tornado of innovation and creativity – a perfect mix of ambitious young minds and experienced veterans!

When developing our high-quality board games, we pay special attention to fun and challenging gameplay, fascinating themes and compelling stories. We use a lot sustainable materials like wood and cardboard to make sure that our products are also good for the environment.

Enjoy our board games with your friends and family, and create memories that last for a lifetime. Save your team from an exploding spacecraft, conquer the rugged Scottish Highlands, sail the seas as a Hanseatic tradesman or race to the freezing North Pole! Choose your adventure and play!

Juha Nieminen


Juha is the head of the studio with decades of unbeatable experience from the board game industry.

Jussi Lindberg 


Jussi is a man of vision, with a knack for simple yet stunning design concepts.

Petter Ilander


Petter is a game mechanics wizard, who solves any problem with a smile on his face.

Miro Leppäkoski


Miro L is a board game enthusiast who ensures that the game provides an enjoyable gaming experience for you.

Miro Helenius


Miro is a skilled wordsmith, who focuses on content creation, translating, and proofreading.

Katri Vainiomäki


Katri keeps you updated with the latest games and news.

Rami Laaksonen


Rami is a brilliant designer, who elevates all game components with his genius designs.

Pekko Repo


Pekko is a mastermind of game component structure and design.