The battle is not over until the King is safe… or overthrown.

Bloodthirsty Viking warriors surround your fort to overthrow your King. Although the attackers are greater in number, fate is not written in the stars, and victory belongs to the most skilled tactician. TAFL KING is an ancient Viking strategy game for two players – one attacker and one defender. Can you play Tafl like the Vikings?

In this ancient Nordic game, two players are pitched against each other to attack and protect the king, respectively. The attackers line up along the sides of the game board, while the king and his army stay in the middle. Will the king be saved, or will the attackers win? Tafl King represents the medieval ‘Hnefatafl’ version of the game and it is a classic game with endless possibilities! The game comes with impressive wooden game pieces.


  • 36 Game Pawns
  • Game Board
  • Rules


  • Age: 15+
  • Players: 2
  • Duration: 20+


Rules (English)



Dice Tower (YouTube)

Board’s Eye View (Facebook)