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Vikings’ Shout RAFFLE

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SHOUT LIKE A VIKING & WIN a random Vikings’ Tales board game!

How to participate?

  1. Take a video clip of yourself screaming like a viking.
  2. Start the video by saying / or write on the post: Here’s my Vikings’ Shout! and then just shout [ROAAAAARR!]
  3. Share it on Facebook or Instagram with #vikingsshout and tag us @gamestormstudio to let us know you’re in.

Sample shout:

Here’s my Vikings’ Shout! [ROAAAAARR!]

The style is free, but keep it clean!

Remember to use #vikingsshout and tag us @gamestormstudio

Raffle rules:

This raffle runs on Instagram and Facebook, where you can find our accounts, too. Feel free to shout in other channels too, but the prizes are on those two social media channels.

The participant’s video must include an introductory sentence / commentary: Here’s my Vikings’ Shout! and a shout executed in a free style*. Video footage can show you shouting, or something viking-related like a ship, an ocean, or a forest with your mighty roar in the background.

*These videos can be made with a free style, BUT all forms of violence and other nonsense is strictly prohibited.

The participants must post the raffle video (described above) with #vikingsshout and @gamestormstudio on Facebook or Instagram. You can use story clips, but they do disappear and we might miss them. So better to use the feed or reels to play it safe.

Note that by participating in this raffle, you automatically grant Gamestorm Studio’s team the right to share your video on Gamestorm Studio’s social media channels. Gamestorm Studio’s team will repost some (if not all) of the participants’ videos.

The raffle continues until announced otherwise on this page.

Gamestorm Studio’s team will choose the winners randomly from amongst the participants on Instagram and Facebook. The number of prizes is undefined.

Gamestorm Studio’s team will inform winners and will ask for their contact info via personal messages (for sending prizes).

Instagram or Facebook are not affiliated with this raffle in any way!

Gamestorm Studio’s Vikings’ Shout’s Privacy Statement

If you have any questions about the raffle, please contact: stormers(at)

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