You’re running out of time!

You are a gang of master thieves who have decided to hit the motherlode.

You have to collect the gold from the vault, transport it up in the lift and get out of dodge before the alarm sounds. To complete this job, you’ll need genuine cooperation, because you all win or fall together.

NEW GAME, Published Fall 2021!


  • Game board
  • Lift shaft board + lift
  • Plastic lift console + a card to boost phone
  • 4 silicone stickers
  • 8 turntables + plastic pins
  • 11 double-sided vault door tokens
  • 2 colour dice
  • 4 ‘cart’ game pieces
  • 15 ‘gold pallet’ tokens
  • 15 ‘laser fence’ tokens


  • Age: 8+
  • Players: 2-4
  • Duration: 15


Rules (English)


Designers: Richard Heayes, Petter Ilander

Artist: Rami Laaksonen