SS Nebula is returning to Earth after a successful mission in a faraway galaxy. The crew members have retreated to their sleeping pods, when an asteroid suddenly hits the spaceship. The blow damages the ship’ computer severely and triggers the self-destruct sequence.

The crew has 15 minutes to turn on all switches in order to activate the escape pods before the spaceship is blown to pieces. Work together with the other players in this galactic and energetic escape game and save the crew from destruction!

There is no time to waste!

  • Perfect for team play
  • App enhaced gameplay adds excitement


  • Game board
  • 32 cards
  • 4 game characters
  • 24 door tiles
  • 13 switch tiles
  • Plastic computer room module
  • 2 dice
  • 4 rubber stickers
  • 2 phone heighteners
  • Rules ( FI, SE, NO, DK, FR, NL, PL, EN)
  • Designers: Richard Heayes, Petter Ilander
  • Artist: Rami Laaksonen

Unboxing 15 Minutes to Self-Destruct